Another luxury penthouse interior architecture handover for an iconic site at omkaar1973

Omkaar 1973 has been one of Mumbai’s Iconic skyscraper and we are nearing the interior handover of its luxurious penthouse with breath taking views of the ocean as well as the city skyline and I cant help but retrospect on the journey that it has been.

Every handover has been special, but this luxury project has been different.  Having worked with countless HNIs and celebrities as clients, each site had some demand from the client. However this client was different. We had done two of his previous houses before and he had the utmost faith and trust on the team’s capacity. As a personality he has been extremely undemanding and very accommodating to the process of interior design and construction.

Furthermore as a designer I have seen the clients family grow over the last few years and I was sensitized to the aspirations that a family looks up to collectively when they make a life changing decision to move to a big ticket property. So hitting the right note with them during the concept design stage was a breeze. The family areas have to be pleasant, utilitarian and functional while the entertaining areas had to have an understated class to it. The understated class, was of course derived from the personality of the client who was likewise.

Here the client entrusted me with every decision that was made on site, Right from the design style to the materials, color combination to the furniture. It felt like I was designing for myself and naturally the onus of every single choice by default lay with me. It was, thus very interesting once the client moved in to see his reaction to the design choices that I made on his behalf. After a month into the new house the beaming client invites you over for coffee at the house you know that your gut sense works and as a designer you have understood the clients aspirations.

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