Posh Luxury penthouse under construction

So the last few days have been super hectic as we are completing the interior design for a super high end luxury penthouse in one of Mumbai’s iconic skyscraper Omkaar 1973 at Worli.

Perched on the 49th and 50th floors, this skyscraper has dramatic views of south Mumbai. The design style is a contemporary classic all white Parisian house with elaborate work on the ceilings and floor and very light pastel colored eclectic furniture.

As I always insist that classical design is all about proportions, scale and composition. We have done intensive mockups on site to make sure all the proportions of the mouldings and panels are done to scale so that no element overpowers the other. It has to be an overall symphony.

Elegance and understated class is not for everyone, afterall that is why luxury is an exclusive commodity!

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